The cheek of it…

cheek of it

As I flick through the pages of the latest Vogue I notice the models striking cheek bones with envy. I wonder if its make-up or clever lighting that makes their cheeks jump out. Or are they blessed with fantastic genes and cheeks you can cut ice on. I look in the mirror at my own cheeks and realise that they aren’t high, but slightly chubby. Damn it, I missed out on the cheek bones genes. I search the net for tips on how to sculpt my face so that I can bring out my cheeks to its fullest.
‘Suck your cheeks and apply blusher’
‘Use bronzer to sculpt your cheeks’
‘Starve yourself so your face becomes skinny’
The tips are endless and I decide to put them to use. I scour the cosmetic stands for the perfect bronzer. I choose the Givenchy Sun Prism bronzer as I love the colour and it doesn’t make me look like I have been tangoed or a glitter ball. Next, I look for a sculpting brush. MAC does an amazing sculpting brush that feels amazing on my skin. It isn’t cheap and the sales assistant sells it to me.
Armed with my new purchases I sit in front of my mirror and get to work. I lightly get some bronzer onto my brush and then place it under my cheekbones and brush upwards. I am careful not to apply too much as I don’t want to look like an orang-utan.  Once, my bronzer is complete I get a highlighter and apply it lightly over the top to create a softer look. I have to say my cheeks look pretty good. Who is the woman with the nice cheekbones staring at me in the mirror. Oh, it’s me. I’ll admit I don’t look like a supermodel, but it’s a good improvement.

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