Getting the hint

Can you take a hint? Do you often find that people just can’t simply take the hint? The smartest of people just don’t get it when you make a point or don’t want to tell them something or invite them.

Let’s think of a scenerio where this may have happened to you and you were left thinking, OMG, can’t you just take the hint.

A friend of mine planned a meal for her and her boyfriend. She bought some groceries for the meal and bumped into a friend who asked her what she is cooking. She told her she is cooking for her and the man. The friend then asks can I come as well and what time is dinner. She also asks if she can bring her brother. Seriously would you ask if you could crash that dinner party? My flriend told her she didn’t have enough food etc and stuttered. But the friend hammered on about coming. Common sense is lost on some people. If she wanted her to come she would have invited her. What would you have done in the situation? Been polite and said of course you can gate crash my intimate meal or seriously can’t you take the hint and stay at home.

Does it annoy you when people don’t drop a subject and are like a dog with a bone. If someone changes the subject when you ask them something or gives you a one word answer, take the damn hint instead of forcing them to tell you. Who agrees with me here?

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