Death waits for no one

dead soldier

There are only two guarantees in life; death and birth. Live your life to the max and like it’s your last day. How many times have you heard people chant these sayings? Would it make a difference if we knew when we would die? How many of us would want to know how and when we die? We will all at some point experience some in our lives dying.

I heard the news of my cousin’s death through my cousin. He died of a heart attack suddenly. A healthy man in his late thirties with four children. He had everything to live for. Was it his time to go? The news came as a shock and of course I was grief stricken and my heart went out to his loved ones. But, I was unable to cry as I didn’t have a bond or connection with him. Does that make me heartless and not compassionate? What shocked me the most was that he’s only a few years older than me and he wasn’t ill.

We never know how to deal with death properly. No matter how prepared we are for it and know that our time or those of our loved ones will come, it still comes as a shock. Remember to all cherish those you love as you don’t know when they will be gone forever.

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