Fear consumes my head and heart

Every time I close my eyes, I can see fear

The fear is everywhere around me.

Wherever I look, all I can see is fear

I hear whispers in my ears

I try to shut the whispers out

I turn the music on and shout

The whispers get louder and louder.

I seek solace in prayer

Hoping that faith can rid my fears

I know that I will live in fear forever

For what I have seen and heard is unbelievable.

The fear I know is embedded with me

It will haunt me for a lifetime

I can choose to let my fear consume me

Or choose to fight my fear.

Fear doesn’t consume me as much as it did

I still live in fear and hear whispers

But, now I am stronger and can shut out my fears

I have faith and courage

Fear don’t live here no more.

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