losing a loved one

losing a loved one


You always made me laugh and even cry a few times, 

I watched you get worse and worse each day,

I wanted to help, but there was nothing I could do,

I can’t believe you’re gone.


I can still remember your crazy jokes and silly dance moves,

Towards the end you could hardly move,

I watched your body deteriorate and it hurt me, to see you in so much pain,

I knew you’re time was up, but I prayed it was a mistake,

I kick myself for not showing you how much I cared,

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you,

Why have you gone?


Your smile lit every room and your words left everyone wanting to hear more,

Where have you gone? 


I won’t forget the day you went

I stayed by your side and prayed,

I hoped you’d look up and show me a sign that you were ok,

I wish I had taken more time to sit and chat to you,

You left without saying bye and in a hurry,

Why did you have to go? Couldn’t you have stayed for longer?

Now you’re gone…


Love at first sight


Does love at first sight exist? 

Is it a myth? 

Does it only happen in romance novels? 


I took a sharp breath as he walked in

He walked with an air of grace and confidence 

My heart skipped a beat as he looked towards me

His eyes, as black as coal burned my soul

His lips as soft and smooth as honey made my heart melt

His skin the colour of mocha 

His body like an Adonis god 

He captivated me and I couldn't take my eyes of him.


What seemed like hours was only a two second encounter 

I knew I wanted him and he was the man for me

With his big eyes, broad shoulders and cheeky grin

He seemed like the perfect man


I jolted up as my phone rang

I woke from my dream and realised that this perfect man was nothing but a fancy

He only glanced my way as I stared at him

He walked by and I knew I'd never see him again.

Was it love at first? 

For me, maybeImage

For him, I was a nobody 

I didn’t even attract his attention or get a second glance

Alas love at first sight should only be reserved for romance novels.