i'm sorry

Sorry is a five-letter word,
That we find so hard to say,
It can mean so much or so little,
Depending on how it’s said.
I struggle to say sorry at times,
Pride can get the better of me, even if I’m in the wrong.
It’s so easy to say, yet I find it so difficult to say.

In anger and haste I utter words I don’t mean,
Once I’ve said them, it’s too late to take them back.
I ponder over what I’ve said,
I know I hurt you without intending to,
If only I thought a bit more,
Took a step back,
And put myself in your shoes,
I’d know that I was wrong.

Pride got the better of me,
Anger consumed me,
I refused to see the other side of the story,
I was blinded by my own selfishness
And take on things.
I wished I’d just opened my eyes,
And thought a little harder.

All it takes is a few moments to destroy something,
That’s taken years to build,
Trust is all of a sudden gone,
And for what?
A few careless moments of not thinking straight.
I’m sorry…




I sit and stare at the sight in front of me,
My eyes are fixated by its beauty,
I see tones of red and orange all fused together. 

I watch as the sunset creeps up,
The sky changes colour, 
I can no longer see clouds, 
I am mesmirized by its beauty,
No matter how many times I watch the sun set,Image
It always draws me in like a magnet.

What is love?


love, translation

What is love?

Love is a four-letter word

Its power is undeniable

It can make us lose control

And cause sleepless night.

Love is shouting and screaming from the top of your lungs,

Its’ not being afraid to let go,

Its saying those three words we fear so much ‘I love you’.

Love isn’t a fairytale romance,

It doesn’t come with a lifetime guarantee,

Or any warning signs,

Yet we dive into it head first.

Being in love is one of the greatest feelings in the world,

But a broken heart can take years to heal,

Fall in love,

But choose wisely, whom you give your heart to.

Love is a four-letter word,

That can make us cry or smile,

Depending on who says it?

falling in love

falling in love