Daddy’s little girl



As a child I stood and watched the man in front of me standing so gracefully with open arms,
In my eyes you were always number one and the most important man in my life,
For me you were my hero and the only man who would never hurt me,
Whenever I fell or was down you were always there to hold me and wipe away the tears.

I never ever got the chance to tell you how much I love you,
Or what you meant to me,
I thought you’d always be around to hold my hand or wipe my tears,
I thought I’d watch you grow old and lose your hair,
I didn’t ever think I’d have to say bye.

You were my world,
I wish I could have said bye,
You were and always will be my hero,
I’ll always be daddy’s little girl 


men v’s women


The word marriage either fills us with dread or joy

A girl seeks a boy

A girl isn’t usually looking for a toy

A man often if he is unsure can be seeking some joy.

A woman falls in love and wants a ring

A man falls and often just wants a quick fling.

Men love sex

Women are never happy with a quick text

If both mess up they will soon find each other a pest.Image