Eat, Pray, Fast


 I yearn for the month of Ramadan,

 A month destined to bring spiritual fulfilment and make me closer to Allah,

Each year I pray that I become a better person and secure a place in heaven,

My journey to heaven and getting closer to Allah is not easy,

I find that each new day brings more distractions,

I daydream about what I will eat for iftar,

I rarely stop to think about those who face hunger each day,

Fasting for a month is nothing compared to starving for 365 days…


I plan iftars with friends and family,

I don’t spare a thought for the poor and needy,

I don’t plan what I will pray each night to make me closer to Allah,

I plan what I will eat at sehri and ifari time,

I don’t plan how I will secure my place in heaven….


I slowly realise that Ramadan is not just eat, pray, fast,

I miss the true meaning of Ramadan,

Making me closer to Allah,

Securing my place in heaven,

Helping the poor and needy,

Making me a better person,

Increasing my faith and imaan….


A quick message to all those who don’t fast or don’t know a lot about it.


  • We fast for a period of 30 days. We do not starve for 30 days solid, as we only don’t eat from dusk to dawn.
  • It is not inhumane and we will not die and it’s not dangerous. Please don’t feel sorry for us, or feel like you have to hide your cup of tea and biscuits from us. We are adults and can fight the temptation of stealing your custard cream.
  • We know it’s roasting and can feel the heat and see the sun, and yes its not easy not being able to drink, but we are soldiers and will survive and again we will not die of thirst.
  • A happy faster, who wants to let people know that fasting won’t kill or break her…

Photo: Ramadan mubark to everyone #ramadhan #islam



Clouds cover the burning sun,
The glistening glow of the sun is covered by grey clouds,
I hear the growl of the thunder,
The skies open up and droplets of water fall onto my skin,
Droplets of warm water fall on my skin,
I welcome the sensation of hot rain pouring down my face,
All of a sudden the rain beats to a fierce beat and water pours like an ocean,

All I see is water everywhere,
People fled the streets seeking refuge,
The rain turns into a thunder storm,
Gushing water destroys everything it touches,
In seconds all I see is glistening water everywhere,                                                                                                                                                                         The sky changes colour and the clouds melt,                                                                                                                                                                                           I can feel the burnings rays of the sun on my cheek,                                                                                                                                                                         But I long for the sensation of warm rain pounding across my chest…



Big bright brown eyes stare and look at the blood drenched body in front of her,
Orphaned and homeless in a second,
She looks in despair desperate to cling to her father’s bloody limbs,
Tears pour down her face,
Her cries and howling can be heard for miles,
Papa, she cries, wake up, wake up,
Six years old and nowhere to go,
All alone in the world,

What did she do wrong?
Wrong country? Wrong religion? Too poor? Wrong city?
War kills everyone in its path to destruction,
It seeks no allies and only knows how to destroy and kill,
End war…