A quick message to all those who don’t fast or don’t know a lot about it.


  • We fast for a period of 30 days. We do not starve for 30 days solid, as we only don’t eat from dusk to dawn.
  • It is not inhumane and we will not die and it’s not dangerous. Please don’t feel sorry for us, or feel like you have to hide your cup of tea and biscuits from us. We are adults and can fight the temptation of stealing your custard cream.
  • We know it’s roasting and can feel the heat and see the sun, and yes its not easy not being able to drink, but we are soldiers and will survive and again we will not die of thirst.
  • A happy faster, who wants to let people know that fasting won’t kill or break her…

Photo: Ramadan mubark to everyone #ramadhan #islam


3 thoughts on “A quick message to all those who don’t fast or don’t know a lot about it.

  1. sumayyah

    I think its sexist that you said her and not him/ her because both males and females fast, plus you should also state that we only fast when we have reached a required age and females don’t fast when pregnant or during their cycle, in addition we should only fast if we are not ill and it isn’t impossible for us, because fasting shouldn’t be a strain it should be a blessing. Iftaar- is when the fast is opened – a few minutes after sunset and suhr – before sunrise is practically breakfast. In addition I don’t think people know this but Muslims tend to pray more during Ramadhan because it was when the holy Quran was revealed and we tend to pray more Quran; thats why Taraweeh exists

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