Call to prayer – jumma


I sit and stare at the people around me,

People rush past, not caring for anyone else,

Like headless chickens they force their way out of the crowd,

I spot tall, short, fat, skinny, black, white and Arab people all around me,

Each dressed in their own way,

I can hear the sound of French, Arabic, English and Mandarin,

The words make no sense to me…


I hear the sound of the azaaan bellowing across the city,

The voice is crisp and although I don’t know Arabic, I fall in love with the sound,

I become enchanted by each word and can feel my heart pulsating to the beat,

The passer byers become entranced and hypnotised by the sound of the azaan,

I see them hurry faster towards the mosque, arranging their clothes,

They rush past me eager to secure their place in the hope of becoming closer to god,

Suddenly the only language I can hear is Arabic, the language of the Koran…


It dawns upon me that this one language and sound unites millions,

They are drawn to the sound of the azaan and understand it like their own native tongue,

The call to prayer is like no other sound,

The jumma prayer unites all, black, white and Chinese,

The prayer is intended for all, including me…