Eat, Pray, Fast…

Unapologetic Muslim woman's thoughts

I yearn for the month of Ramadan,

 A month destined to bring spiritual fulfilment and make me closer to Allah,

Each year I pray that I become a better person and secure a place in heaven,

My journey to heaven and getting closer to Allah is not easy,

I find that each new day brings more distractions,

I daydream about what I will eat for iftar,

I rarely stop to think about those who face hunger each day,

Fasting for a month is nothing compared to starving for 365 days…


I plan iftars with friends and family,

I don’t spare a thought for the poor and needy,

I don’t plan what I will pray each night to make me closer to Allah,

I plan what I will eat at sehri and ifari time,

I don’t plan how I will secure my place in heaven….


I slowly realise that…

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