RAW in Mauritius

shutterstock_410836837-e1493926812101-710x458Whilst in Mauritius on vacation I have made loads of friends: let’s start with cockroaches Fabio and Aaliyah (and comrades).  I love it when they scurry around towards me and even more so when they fly and buzz around my face during the night with their cute long twitching antennas; then we have vibrant fast moving, ceiling dwelling (just above my head) lizards: 1 -18 – all named Bob; their husky vibrating mating calls makes such an enchanting sound akin to a calming lullaby; and how can we forget the countless mosquitos ((Yael) such cute little buzzy 🤬lovelies – sucking my every molecule of the red stuff – but as long as I can provide them sustenance – that’s all that matters; and there are the giant ants – Anwar x 10 million – I adore the way they chow down on all in sight – carrying away my breakfast, lunch and dinner – how they love to share. Loving the sustainability guys; moving on to the more familiar mans best friends – dogs (Bruce and Wayne)  – barking at anything and everything – ooooh – I have a tail – I’ll bark, ooohhh another dog’s posterior – ill sniff, look perplexed and bark;  and ooooh oooohhh – another few stray mutts – it’s party barking time – all hours and why not; and I do particularly love the roosters at 04:30 – there’s nothing better than waking up to a fresh sound of rooster (Donald) x 50 within 80m radius each day;

Of course that beautiful humid climate and tropical torrential rainfall at night – such a charm – with the pitta patter of thousands of the world largest rain drops hitting corrugated metal roofing sheets all around- like a classical musical symphony.

Last but not least clocks, the analogue rhythmic tick ticking of 27 clocks mainly wall mounted on all 4 walls , and some places in cabinets or on tables – and all slightly out of time, some with wonderful hourly gong. We have white clocks, black clocks green clocks, pink clocks, square clocks, round and hexagonal clocks, glow in the dark clocks, sunflower clocks, large clocks, small clocks, clocks with Arabic extracts, clocks with Roman numerals and….. Whatever clock you will ever come across is in the room I sleep in.

All this natural (and mechanical) beauty combined, creates a blissful and peaceful nights sleep.

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