Every day is a struggle,

I wake up not knowing if I will live or die,

I live in fear that we I never see tomorrow,

I walk along the empty streets,

Searching for friends and neighbours,

I see my best friend running towards me,

I hear the rocket and watch as it pierces her heart and her body is flown into the air,

I cover my mouths, trying to conceal my scream,

Tears drip down my face I look at the dead corpse lying on the ground,

She was only six and dreamed of being a princess,

Her life taken by a bullet,

Her princess dress torn and covered in blood,

Her innocent face staring at me,


My body is numb from the shock,

Tears welling down my face clutching my little princess,

How many more dead bodies do I have to see?

How many mothers will lose their children, sons or husbands?


The sounds of rockets startle me and I run for cover,

I pray that no one I know has been killed,

Next time it could be me,

I pray this nightmare will end and I can play again on the streets of Gaza,

I hope I live until I am seven….



Daddy’s little girl



As a child I stood and watched the man in front of me standing so gracefully with open arms,
In my eyes you were always number one and the most important man in my life,
For me you were my hero and the only man who would never hurt me,
Whenever I fell or was down you were always there to hold me and wipe away the tears.

I never ever got the chance to tell you how much I love you,
Or what you meant to me,
I thought you’d always be around to hold my hand or wipe my tears,
I thought I’d watch you grow old and lose your hair,
I didn’t ever think I’d have to say bye.

You were my world,
I wish I could have said bye,
You were and always will be my hero,
I’ll always be daddy’s little girl 

Don’t judge me


Don’t judge me by the colour of my skin,
Don’t judge me because I’m brown and not white,
Don’t judge me because of the way I look,
My heart is the same as yours,
The blood pumping through my veins is the same as a white and black persons,
My eyes as black as coal can see inside your soul,
I know when you see me, all you see is my colour,
My lips the shade of pink roses tremble when they see your look of disgust,
I walk in the night like a shadow, carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders,
Our paths cross, but to you I might as well be as white as a ghost as you fail to see me,
Don’t judge me, for you don’t know what lies in my heart
Don’t fear me, because of the colour of my skin,
Don’t judge me because my skin isn’t the same colour as yours.

don't judge me



Happiness is the smell of freshly baked bread,
The warmth of the sun on your back,
The sight of a beautiful man who happens to notice you,
The feel of freshly cut grass or silk clothes,
It’s a stranger smiling at you or an old friend calling to say they miss you,

It’s walking around with a big grin on your face,
Happiness is a feeling of content and appreciation for what you have.






I sit and stare at the sight in front of me,
My eyes are fixated by its beauty,
I see tones of red and orange all fused together. 

I watch as the sunset creeps up,
The sky changes colour, 
I can no longer see clouds, 
I am mesmirized by its beauty,
No matter how many times I watch the sun set,Image
It always draws me in like a magnet.



Fear consumes my head and heart

Every time I close my eyes, I can see fear

The fear is everywhere around me.

Wherever I look, all I can see is fear

I hear whispers in my ears

I try to shut the whispers out

I turn the music on and shout

The whispers get louder and louder.

I seek solace in prayer

Hoping that faith can rid my fears

I know that I will live in fear forever

For what I have seen and heard is unbelievable.

The fear I know is embedded with me

It will haunt me for a lifetime

I can choose to let my fear consume me

Or choose to fight my fear.

Fear doesn’t consume me as much as it did

I still live in fear and hear whispers

But, now I am stronger and can shut out my fears

I have faith and courage

Fear don’t live here no more.

It can’t happen to me -poem


I never stopped to think
That something could happen to me
I'm invincible and a good person
It won't happen to me.

Things happen to bad people
Don't they?
So why should I worry
As it won't happen to me.

Then one day I realise
I'm human and not invincible 
Even I can get hurt and harmed
It can happen to me.

Now I stop and think
I cherish the wake up call
I know it can happen to me
The almighty works in mysterious ways
He blesses us and can take everything away.

I'm not invincible 
I'm human and I can be hurt
But if I have faith and pray
It may not happen to me.