A Muslim girl in Paris….


IMG_9823.png          I had always dreamt of going to Paris and seeing the Eiffel tower and wondering the streets of the city of love. As a single 30 something hip Muslim chick I decided to cross the channel and visit Paris. I booked a trip to Paris via the Eurostar.

I didn’t realise how easy it was to travel to Paris by the Eurostar. I was in the centre of Paris in just over two hours. As soon as I stepped of the train I knew I was in a foreign land. Language has never been my strong point and French with all its big words was alien to me. I was however able to muster bonjouir and ca va. That’s French for hello and how are you. I know, I could totally be a French Parisian chick for the day.

The two hour journey had made me quite hungry. I could murder a chicken burger. Wait a minute, could I get halal food in Paris? Of course, I can, as Paris is home to over 3 million Muslims. But, where is the nearest Halal Dixy’s. Damn it. A chocolate croissant and coffee would have to do. There goes my diet.

Armed with my tasty croissant, backpack and Lonely Planet Guide I decided to go exploring. But, not before I checked into my hotel. I had booked a cosy double room for one in the trendy Montmartre area which was close to the Moulin Rouge.

Once, I had checked into my room and whinged about having to pay a city tax of two euros I climbed the thousand steps to my room. Once, in my room I realised that the room was just a cosy double. There was not enough room to swing a cat in here. The French sure believe in minimalistic furnishing. The bathroom was tiny, so I better go easy on all the croissants.

I walked along the streets in the hip Montmartre area and took pictures outside the Moulin Rouge. I climbed the thousand and thousand steps, up the hill to see the view from the top of Sacra Coeur. The view was pretty amazing though and totally worth it. I decided to take a little break and have some lunch. My French wasn’t great so I wasn’t sure how I would manage to order. I used good old Google translate to order an onion soup, quiche with legumes (vegetables) and jus d ’orange (Orange juice). I have to say the food in France is pretty damn good.

I checked my itinerary and chose to visit the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower during the day and night. During the day the Eiffel Tower looked like a huge metal tower. I stupidly decided to walk to the top of the tower to save some pennies. Folks, do your legs a favour and pay to use the lift. At night the Eiffel Tower sparkled and looked amazing. I took a boat trip along the river Seine and fell in love with Paris at that moment.

I walked along the Champs Elyse and admired the huge boutiques such as Dior and Chanel. My budget didn’t quite stretch to a designer handbag. I could afford another pastry and coffee. I found a delightful Boulangerie and gasped at the amazing pastries, I was in pastry heaven. Unable to muster any French I just pointed to the cake I wanted and held my finger up so she knew I only wanted one.

I was desperately seeking some halal food and found a greasy looking place with a halal sign. I ordered poulet and pomme frites (chicken and fries) and sat inside and people watched. I spotted several Muslim men and women. I noticed both old and young women sporting a hijab and men with beards. They didn’t stand out and seemed to fit into this beautiful city.

Paris is an ideal city to explore alone if you are a female and if you are Muslim it’s totally fine as well. There are plenty of halal places, you just have to look for the halal sign. It’s worth learning some French to help you along the way.

Aurevoir Paris. I will be back again..


Struggling to find a halal man in the city….


How difficult can it be to find the right man? Where does one start looking for a halal man? Should I start venturing towards the halal butcher counter in my local Pak food stores? I am looking for a firm piece of meat and no scrawny chicken wings…

How does an independent cool, funny and curvy babe like me, end up still single at the age of 35? I am at my prime and I can cook a few international dishes… I cook a mean chicken curry with round chapatti without using an Uncle Ben’s jar. Should I add this all to my marriage CV?

My marriage CV –

Ethnicity: Pakistani

Age: Young 35

Height: over 5ft. I am tall enough to ride the roller coaster at Alton Towers

Job: Full time husband seeker (Professional)

Location: Own space (bedroom in parents’ home)

Income: enough to pay for my own coffee and chocolate cake on a date

Seeking: A tall, handsome professional footballer – Tall, educated man with own house and has travelled to any country apart from Saudi and Pakistan.

Now, that my marriage CV is done I just need to start handing it out to potential suitors. I could don my scarf and my best churida outfit and stand outside the mosque on Jummah. At least I would find a religious brother who prays and makes my mother happy.

I decide to give speed dating a go. Who wouldn’t fall in love with me after chatting to me for 5 minutes? I am a fabulous woman in her mid-30s with loads to offer. I search Google and various sites to find a Muslim speed dating event. Being Asian, I don’t want to pay to attend an event. Who pays to find a husband? I find one in Central London on a Thursday evening at 6pm. Bingo, I can go straight after work.

I search my closest for a suitable outfit. I toy between wearing my best shalwar kameeze and a cute black dress that shows of my curves. I opt for black skinny jeans and a pretty top. I don’t want to look like I’m going to a wedding and want to be taken seriously.

I check my face, fix my hair and apply some last minute lipstick, hairspray, blusher and eyeliner. A girl needs to look her best when she might meet her future husband. I am amazed at how many single men and women there are in there 30s in London. The girls are really pretty and stylish. Damn, how can I compete with this much talent? I remind myself that I am funny and cute.

The speed date begins and I am told to quickly sit down and I have only three minutes to make an impression. Nerves kick in and my palms start to sweat. The first guy who sits opposite me looks ok. He looks like he had a shower and owns an iron and aftershave. He asks me my name and what I do for a living. I answer his questions in my usual one word reply. My suitor then asks when I’m looking to get married. I thought this guy is a bit too forward and must be really keen. I told him 28th November 2017. He looks at me in horror and tells me he has to go. Why do Asian men play so hard to get. Oh well, onto the next man.

The next suitor isn’t quite my type, but I’m thinking positive so hopefully he will have a killer personality. He spends the entire three minutes talking about himself and doesn’t even pause for breath. At the end he tells me, he thinks, we have a connection. The only think we have in common is that we are both human. Next please.cropped-64d1f-he_just_not_that_into_you_cover.jpg

My final suitor for the day is a city banker who has a wide grin and flashy suit. He starts by telling me his name and then swinging his car keys around his finger. I find the whole thing distracting, but go along with it, as he might be nervous. At the end of the three minutes I have established how much he earns and what car he drives. All he learnt about me, was my name.

I am exhausted by the whole experience and ready to give up on my search for a husband until a friend suggests online dating. I have my marriage CV sorted so I can give online dating a go next week.

A fictitious  piece written by a cool married chick




We finally arrive in the pretty port town of Cienfuegos. We decide to knock on a few casa doors to find a casa that suits our needs and budget. The number of satin bed sheets and dusty rooms horrifies me. Five cas’sa down and we spot a friendly Cuban who takes us to his humble abode in the hope that we will stay there. The casa is lovely and I form an instant fondness for his adorable wife. 20 Cuc for one night with breakfast and we had ourselves a deal.

We freshened up and decided to explore the old port town. The town is famous for a chap called Benny King. I do not have a clue who he is but there is a statue of him in the centre and he was a short fella who likes wearing hats.

Walking around Cienfuegos, we attract a lot of attention as its obvious we are tourists going trigger happy with the SLR. I cannot believe that they actually use horse drawn carriages to get around the city. I thought they were just for tourists. Not ones to miss out we strike another deal to get a ride around the city in a horse drawn carriage. Once, again the Cubans rip us off.

Whilst on our adventures we bump into a Pakistani medical student who sends us on a horse and carriage to his dorm where we meet a group of Pakistani female medics who cook chicken and chapatti for us. I never thought I would be speaking Punjabi in Cuban and hanging out with Pakistani people. The Pakistani girls look like they should still be in Pakistan. Seven years later and they have mastered Spanish but not integrated into the Cuban way of live or dress. These women prefer to cover up, rather than letting it all hang loose. On our way home, we discover a Pakistani food house, where you can buy Pakistani food cooked by Cubans. The food is the worst Pakistani food I have tasted but it beats rice and beans and is costs less than 50p.

The next morning I had to endure the oddest conversation with a 50-year-old Canadian whilst trying to enjoy my Cuban breakfast of; fresh juice, coffee, eggs, fruit and dry bread. The old man was apparently in Cuba to see his 21 year old girlfriend whose job was entertaining men. This gave me a different insight into Cuba where I quickly discovered that many tourists came to Cuba for sex. For 20 Cuc, less than £10 these men could spend the night with a sensual beauty half their age. The man disgusted me and I had no qualms in calling him a pervert. I was relieved when the lovely casa owner told him that they were fully booked as our room would have been next to his.

After exploring more of Cienfuegos, we decided to catch the bus to Trinidad as it is only an hour and half journey and 6 Cuc per person by bus. The bus surprisingly does not leave on time. Nothing in Cuba happens on time. The blanket and pillow I borrowed from our Virgin flight comes in hand, as I drape both on my seat. I am allergic to dust and not resting my head on a dusty pillow.

Trinidad is a gorgeous little touristy town with amazing French style colonial buildings. We manage to find a delightful casa with a terrace and swing to stay in and again get it for a bargain price. We roam around Trinidad and are amazed at the beautiful buildings and blazing heat. Our evening is spent listening to live music at casa de museu and dining in a terrace top restaurant. It was the perfect setting for a romantic evening for the two of us.

The next day we went on a little road trip and again were ripped off by a Cuban taxi driver. Note to self, I really need to figure out the taxi prices. We went to National Park and waterfall. The waterfall itself was not spectacular but it was great to be able to swim in the spring water and go hiking. Cuba is surrounded by natural beauty and it has a lot more to offer than just beaches.

Trinidad’s cobbled streets are not great on the feet and shoes. I broke another pair of shoes. Note to self. Take better practical shoes. We decided to treat our feet to a foot massage and I opted for face massage as well. The foot massage was great, but I had to tell the man to wash his hands before he touched my face. My feet are clean, but I do not want foot-handling hands caressing my face. My facial was meant to last 15 minutes, but it was over in five minutes so I did what any alpha female would do and refused to pay the agreed amount. Luckily, the man could not be bothered to argue with me so gave me a discount. I think he just wanted me out of the shop.

We spent the following afternoon on the beach and I finally got a ride in one of the classic 1950s car. The beach is so pretty with clear blue water, I would recommend everyone to visit the beach, and you can go snorkelling as well.

Finally, I managed to get a good price on a taxi from Trinidad to Santa Clara, the resting place of Che Guevara. The taxi ride was a nightmare and I had never seen so many potholes in the road in my life. Getting a taxi to Santa Clara from Trinidad is two hours quicker than getting the bus. Thank god, the taxi had seat belts and I slept with one eye open. Two hours later and we finally arrive in Santa Clara. Santa Clara is a small university town and famous for being the place where Che was buried. We did a quick deal and got ourselves a great casa in the centre.

Santa Clara is the cheapest city we visited in Cuba and I would urge anyone going there to make sure they have some Cuban peso to save a few pence. The Cubans love salsa and I found myself a Cuban who was more than happy to teach me a few moves. Luckily, he had a lot of patience as I have two left feet when it comes to salsa. I would strongly advise taking earplugs if you are staying in the centre as the disco is very loud and you can hear reggaton until the early hours of the morning. Now, I know why the casa owner was so keen to give us the front room. I wanted to strangle him and his bloody cowboy hats that night.

The next day we walked around Santa Clara and visited the Che museum and memorial. You can visit all the sites easily by foot and do not need to get a taxi. Unlike the other cities in Cuba we visited, the locals here did not hassle us at all. It was a relief to just walk around and not have people ask us if we were from Israel. My friend wears a hijab and as far I am aware, Israeli women do not wear a hijab.

We wanted to visit Verdura, the beach but decided that it was too far and too expensive to reach by taxi and the bus left first thing in either the morning or late evening. We decided to spend another night in Cienfuegos and sample some Pakistani food. We hustled a shared taxi to Cienfuegos and soon discovered that travelling in a shared taxi meant being huddled in the back and front of the car with random Cubans. We also paid about 5 times what the Cubans paid for the same journey. Why didn’t I learn Spanish at school? If I had, I could have pretended to be a Cuban.

We stayed at the same Casa we stayed at last time with the funny woman and thank god, the old pervert was not there. I did not want to listen to him banging on about how his hired girlfriend is not faithful to him. My friend feeling generous decided to treat the Cuban boys we met last time to dinner at the Pakistani food house.  The boys thinking we were going to treat them to some five star restaurants were greatly disappointed that dinner consisted of beans and chapatti. ‘No rice, no salad’ said the boys. I said no this is it. They were happy to find out that the place had juice. Note to self, do not invite random boys out to dinner when travelling abroad.

We spent our last two nights in Havana in a gorgeous casa on Havana Street, which had an amazing restaurant opposite it, 51 Havana Street that served incredible fish dishes. At last, we had tasty food. I fell in love with old Havana, its windy streets, and old crumbling building.

Cuba is an incredible country and I am so glad I had the opportunity to visit it before the US invades it and adds a Starbuck on every corner.

Muslim while flying


I am12439144_168916830139111_736314021671089004_n very upset today !!!!!Watch my video

All the things I was brought up to believe in , freedom, democracy, Cohesion, Liberty, equality!!!

Was all stripped from me today😔 !!!

Warning for you all, today 5/FEB/2016 8.25am Flight TOM389 my wife and me boarded a flight to Morocco and just before it was going to take off we were told to get of the airplane because I was Muslim & could be a safety hazard !!!

Because my wife was wearing a hijab and me having a beard ! I thought the beard was in fashion 😎.
But seriously it was very shocking , embarrassing and disturbing to be honest especially for my wife who is nearly 6 month pregnant 😔.

They had removed us because we look like Muslims then they will have to remove me every time & I will just go to Butlins 😂. But seriously I am very proud to be a British Muslim, I was born here all my childhood friends are English , my children are born here , I pay my taxes , give jobs to local people ,support local charities , run youth projects to help kids in the community, support local football teams , feed the homeless in my community every week, went to help my neighbours in Cumbria with the floods , consider everyone as a friend a human being a neighbour regardless of colour or religion to be nice and polite.

But today I suffered the worst RACISM of my life being hurled of a plane with my pregnant wife for being a ASAIN MUSLIM ,I never thought I would see the day that the British government would become so Racist and make me a British born person ,brought up to believe in all things British, then just strip me of all those values I had been brought up with all my life !

I don’t blame the British people that includes my wife , my mum ,dad, my kids , all great people just getting on with it , but the government is taking Briton into dark ages and depths I fear for the British people & way of life that I grew up with 😢 !
England went to war with Germany to free people of the oppression & the terrible crimes hitler was causing to the world and the Jews, men & woman lost their lives to promote freedom, equality , Liberty And now we have the Hitler of our time David Cameron who as just replaced the Jews with Muslims ! Those service men & women must be turning in their graves 😔!!

So please be careful about booking or book flexi tickets that way you are covered as @thomsonholidays airline will not refund my flights !

I was not going to post this but I really am upset and I don’t wish this upon any of you or anyone I fear this type of treatment will become more frequent.
I only pray that the British people talk some sense into the Government which I do not believe is representing the view of the British Public !

As William Wallace said Bravely in Brave Heart ‪#‎FREEDOM‬ 🏽

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A quick message to all those who don’t fast or don’t know a lot about it.


Muslim girl's life experiences

  • We fast for a period of 30 days. We do not starve for 30 days solid, as we only don’t eat from dusk to dawn.
  • It is not inhumane and we will not die and it’s not dangerous. Please don’t feel sorry for us, or feel like you have to hide your cup of tea and biscuits from us. We are adults and can fight the temptation of stealing your custard cream.
  • We know it’s roasting and can feel the heat and see the sun, and yes its not easy not being able to drink, but we are soldiers and will survive and again we will not die of thirst.
  • A happy faster, who wants to let people know that fasting won’t kill or break her…

Photo: Ramadan mubark to everyone #ramadhan #islam

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